Merryway's Rhinestone Cowboy aka Scoop began his show career May 2004.  He finished in 5 shows over 2 weekends, winning points in 4 of them. At New Castle, PA he won 2 points under Jackie Hungerland and 3 points under William Dolan. On Friday 6/4/04 at the supported entry at Skyline K. C.  he won WD and BOW for a 5 point major under judge Elizabeth Muthard. And on Sunday 6/6/06 at the HCA regional Specialty at Shenandoah Valley K.C. under judge Don Sutton he won WD and BOW for a 5 point major to finish his championship. He also won Puppy Group 1 under judge Miss Gabriele Runge from Germany.   Scoop turned 7 months old on June 1, 2004.
We are very excited about Scoop and eagerly look forward to his show career. Scoop is sired by Am Ch Ahavapicaro's Arage aka Dude and Am Ch Ahavapicaro's Black Ruby. Meanwhile enjoy the photos of Scoop gamboling in APK's backyard.
Scoop's main man, Wayne Harding of Merryway
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Scoop's Health Checks to date:
Patellas - # HAV-PA544/14M/P-PI
CERF Clear 31 Jan 2005 # pending
Prelim OFFA Hip: Normal
Negative for Legg Calves Perthes:
Legg-Calve-Perthes - # HAV-LP53/14M-PI