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CH Merryway's Herbie the Love Bug
Merryway is a TTCA Register-of-Merit Breeder             and 
Best-in-Show Breeder of Tibetan Terriers.
Retired from Tibetan Terriers January 1, 2016.
 Less than 2 hours from Manhattan or  Philadelphia. or 610-826-4831 

Havanese ...

.          . A Havanese is a substantial little dog, robust enough to be a ship captain's companion or a child's playmate. They are lively little guys, happy, playful, mischievous, affectionate, outgoing, intelligent, always ready for fun. They will brighten and energize your life. But pick them up and they instantly become quiet, sweet, and affectionate. 
Start your day with the brightest "good morning" you have ever seen. 
Home of ...
Master of the Universe,
    Mentor to Yoda,
        Knight of the Fuzzy Realm,
             Comander of all Squeeky Toys,
                  Keeper of the Astral Secrets,
                      and All Around Good Guy.
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It's a family affair! On January 7 Megan had a lovely litter of 5 boys and 3 girls. 
On January 14 her daughter, Sabrina, had a litter of 2 boys and 1 girl.
        Please see photos below. Send inquiries to  (some are already reserved)

Megan's Girls
Sabrina's Puppies - All Reserved
All Reserved
Mr Coffee
Tiny Tim
Ch Ahavapicaro's Black Ruby was our first Havanese and is still with us at 17 years old.